Month: December 2016

Science Events of the Year

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On 11 February, researchers announced that they had finally sensed the ripples in the structure of space-time known as gravitational waves — capping a decades-long quest.

A tumultuous US presidential campaign ended in a surprise victory for Republican businessman Donald Trump in November. Researchers struggled to understand how a Trump administration would treat science — in part, because it did not feature prominently on the campaign trail.

Representatives of a record 174 countries and the European Union gathered on Earth Day, 22 April, to sign the international climate agreement forged in Paris in December 2015.

In February, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that clusters of birth defects linked to outbreaks of Zika virus in Brazil constituted a global public-health emergency.

In January, a computer program beat a world-class human player at the ancient game of Go for the first time. But the ultimate showdown was in March, when the artificial intelligence (AI), called AlphaGo, trounced Lee Sedol — one of the world’s top players.

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For Inflectra launch, Pfizer uses ‘hybrid model’ to home in on HCPs

US FDA approves Rubraca to treat advanced ovarian cancer

EMA approves MSD’s PD-1 therapy Keytruda to treat patients with NSCLC

Mylan launches authorized generic version of EpiPen

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US drug approvals plummet in 2016

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US drug approvals are on track to drop by more than half in 2016 compared to 2015. The agency had approved 19 new drugs this year as of 9 December, putting it on track for its lowest yearly tally since 2007. The decline is made more dramatic by 2015’s bumper crop of approvals.

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Ovarian Cancer: The Silent Killers

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In United States, Ovarian Cancer has become the leading cause of death in women. Each year approximately 22,280 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and out of those 14,240 die.

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Most Common Cancers

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Cancer, a highly morbid disease, has one of the worst incidence and mortality statistics across the globe. As reported by the American Cancer Society, the estimated annual incidence for 2016 has crossed 40,000 cases or more in USA alone.

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CDC study reveals Zika virus replicates in foetal brain and placentas

Sanofi’s Jevtana drug receives SMC approval to treat prostate cancer

Herantis Pharma secures EU Horizon 2020 programme grant for Parkinson study

Immuno-oncology isn’t cost-effective for global cancer treatment, according to GSK Chief

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